There is really no right or wrong way to do anything; the choice should always be yours to take. When it comes to watching your dog put to sleep, before that happens, you will go through emotions and torment which are not going to go away even after your dog gets the injection.

Don’t underestimate your feelings, it’s perfectly okay, whatever you are experiencing right now.

I can’t fix what’s going on in your life with your dog, but I can give you some suggestions as to what you can do to help you prepare for when it is time to say goodbye to your dog.

1. You need to plan financially

Planning ahead financially, this is you putting aside funeral money for your dog. If your dog is still in good health, then open an emergency bank or saving account and put your dog’s name on it. Every week or month put 10% of your earnings into that account. Charity begins at home and starting with your dog’s funeral expenses now will really help you in the long run.

2. The Good Times

Choose a day during the week before the final visit to the vet when you recreate all your best memories. And make the last day count. Spoil your dog with all the things that they love. If your dog is able then creating a family fun day when you can recreate positive, fun memories will help you stay strong when you are missing your dog.

Decide whether you are going to be inside the vet’s room when your dog is put to sleep. It’s not for everyone, but your dog would really appreciate seeing his/her family for the last time. 

3. Meditate with Your Dog

It doesn’t matter what religion or spiritual belief you have; I believe dogs have a soul like we humans. Help them connect with their inner self. This will help them find inner peace and remove the negative energy they may be experiencing due to their illness or the many strangers surrounding them creating fearful energy. You and your dog learning to meditate together will help you both stay relaxed and calm, and it will be something that will comfort you the most when they are long gone or G-d forbid you were not there and your dog had to face death alone. Creating a deep meditation routine with your dog means that you can connect with your dog from anywhere in the world by meditating and sending your loving energy to them. Meditation will help you to stay strong.

Author: Pawwarriors

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