Dogs don’t have the same language skills as we do, they can’t express their love in words; but they have their own secret ways to tell us “I love you’.

Dogs will use their body language to show us their care and affection and more. You and your dog have learned to create and understand each other’s emotions. Here are some things I have learned from my dog and the dogs I care for.

  1. Recognising your name:

It came as a surprise when I learned that your dog can recognise your name and, in my case, my dog recognises my kids’ names. When he hears me call them, he responds, and he responds when my kids call me ‘Mum’. Lol, cool right? So, does your dog recognise your name or the names of family members? If they do, take it as a sign of their affection.

  • Checking up:

Checking up on you is another way show they show their affection. My dog comes looking for me everywhere. If I am in the kitchen cooking, if I am in the living room, if I am outside or when I am having a relaxing bath, he comes to check up on me. And he will lay in wait until I am done.

  • Sharing toys:

My dog shares his toys with people that he loves and dogs that he wants in his circle. But he has special toys that he will only share with me and my kids.  He leaves his special toys upstairs out of sight from the dogs that we look after. He will play with them when we go upstairs, but if there are other dogs in the house, he always leaves them upstairs.  But when he is the only dog in the house, he brings his special toys downstairs for us all to play with.

  • Cuddling time:

Most dogs love cuddling with their owners. My dog loves doing it too. The problem is that when we are out for walks, he is an expert at finding the smelliest poo to roll himself in, and then he wants to sit on my lap for cuddles. As much as I love him, I don’t do cuddling on the sofa when my dear dog is in this state. So, we have come up with a solution. I let him roll in the smelly stuff during the day and give him a shower in the evening. That way, after his shower, everyone knows that it is cuddles time. Lots and lots of cuddles from me and the kids.

Please share with us how your dog says, “I love you”.

Author: Pawwarriors

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