What would your life be like without music?

Before the melodious tunes entered my world, I was just Bruno, a pup unaware of the beautiful symphonies that lay beyond the walls of my home. It was only when I moved in with mum and my human siblings that I discovered the enchanting world of music.

The memory is as vivid as the sun on a clear day. I hopped into the car with my new family, a bundle of nerves and excitement. As the engine roared to life, so did the radio, filling the car with rhythmic beats and soothing melodies. That was my introduction to music, and little did I know how significant it would become in my life.

You see, every time mum would leave the house, she’d leave me with the soft hum of music. It wasn’t just any background noise—it was my comfort blanket, easing my separation anxiety. But beyond the confines of our home, there was a bigger challenge awaiting me: the car rides.

The mere thought of travelling used to churn my stomach. I’d bark at passing cars, growl at strangers, and sometimes, the fear would become so overwhelming that I’d get sick. It wasn’t a sight I’m proud of, but mum understood. She knew that to help me conquer my fears, we had to face them head-on.

So, we began our routine drives. She’d place me safely in my crate and drive around with the music playing softly in the background. Despite my initial hesitations, growls, and barks, she was persistent. And one day, amidst the calming tunes, I found peace. The anxiety melted away, replaced by the comforting embrace of the melodies.

It became evident that these drives weren’t just aimless wanderings. They were preparations for our summer adventure to the Lake District. Three hours of driving, and not a peep out of me! Okay, maybe I was a tad bit hungry, but that big meal at our destination more than made up for it. The holiday was magical—exploring shops, roaming the picturesque landscapes, and of course, always with our trusty soundtrack playing in the background.

Music, in its gentle way, taught me to embrace new experiences and overcome my fears. It wasn’t just a tune—it was my anchor during turbulent times. It has opened up a world of adventures for me, and for that, I’m eternally grateful.

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