What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

The sun was setting as Bruno, an energetic and eager pup, found himself in a dog park filled with senior dogs. Although Bruno had the best intentions, his enthusiasm often made him come off a bit too strong for some of the older canines. Sensing his genuine desire to connect, a few of the wise old dogs decided to share their wisdom with young Bruno on the art of gentle greetings.

1. Max, the Golden Retriever: Slow Approach

Max stretched out on the grass, looking wise beyond his years. “Bruno,” he began, “it’s not always about the excitement. Sometimes, a slow and steady approach can be much more inviting to another dog. Instead of bounding over at top speed, take your time. Let the other dog see you coming, and allow them to decide if they want to engage.”

2. Bella, the Dalmatian: Read the Body Language

Bella, with her distinctive spots, ambled over. “Understanding the other dog’s body language is crucial,” she advised. “If their tail is tucked, ears are back, or they avoid eye contact, it’s best to give them some space. Always look for signs that they’re relaxed and willing to interact.”

3. Rocky, the German Shepherd: The Sniff Greeting

Rocky, with his noble stance, shared, “The nose knows best, Bruno! Instead of jumping or barking, simply offer a polite sniff. It’s a universal language for us dogs. The sniff is like our handshake. Take turns, be patient, and always be respectful.”

4. Daisy, the Poodle: Gentle Play Bows

Fluffy and elegant, Daisy offered a playful demonstration. “A gentle play bow, with your front paws stretched out and your rump in the air, can be a friendly gesture to invite play. But always wait to see if the other dog reciprocates before escalating the play.”

5. Buddy, the Beagle: Use Your Voice Wisely

Buddy, with his soulful eyes, chimed in, “Not every bark or growl is aggressive. Soft whines or gentle barks can convey curiosity or friendliness. But remember, volume and tone matter. Keep it low and inviting.”

Bruno, taking in all the advice, nodded thoughtfully. The next time a new dog entered the park, he approached slowly, observed their body language, offered a polite sniff, and playfully bowed, all while keeping his bark gentle.

The senior dogs watched in approval, proud of Bruno’s progress. After all, the dog park wasn’t just a place for play; it was a school of life, where every dog, young or old, had something valuable to share.

With special thanks to the wise senior dogs who guide our young pups in their journeys. Here’s to many more friendly greetings and shared moments at the dog park!

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