Everyone who knows my dog, Bruno, notices there’s something different about him. Beyond his gleaming coat and boundless energy, he seems to have a kind of determination I hadn’t seen in a canine before. Recently, I realized he’s been living by Napoleon Hill’s principles from “Think and Grow Rich.” Let me explain.

  1. Desire: Bruno has a single-minded obsession with his squeaky toy. He knows what he wants, and he’s determined to get it, no matter where it’s hidden.
  2. Faith: Bruno believes with all his heart that every time he goes to the park, he will find a new friend. And guess what? He almost always does.
  3. Auto-suggestion: Before bed, he sits in front of his food bowl, undoubtedly affirming to himself, “I will get treats tomorrow. I deserve treats.”
  4. Specialised Knowledge: Bruno knows every nook and cranny of our house, especially where the treats are stashed. His knowledge is laser-focused.
  5. Imagination: Rainy day? No problem. Bruno improvises an indoor fetch game. He’s creative in finding ways to have fun.
  6. Organised Planning: Watch Bruno during his playtime. He’s not just running around; there’s a strategy to how he chases his ball.
  7. Decision: If Bruno wants to sit on the couch, he will. No amount of shooing will deter him. He’s decisive about his comfort spots.
  8. Persistence: Ever seen a dog beg for food? Bruno has persistence down to an art, especially when there’s steak on the table.
  9. Power of the Master Mind: Bruno and his park buddies form a tight-knit group. They strategize on the best ways to get treats from unsuspecting picnickers.
  10. Sex Transmutation: Let’s just say Bruno channels his unspent energy into being the fastest dog at the park.
  11. Subconscious Mind: Ever noticed how dogs pick up on your emotions? Bruno’s always sensing the vibe and acts to either uplift or comfort.
  12. The Brain: Those intuitive moments when Bruno seems to read my mind? That’s him, tuning into my thoughts with his powerful canine brain.
  13. The Sixth Sense: That moment when he barks at the door a minute before the bell rings? Pure intuition.
  14. Overcoming Fear: Thunderstorms used to spook him. Now, with some training (and treats), he’s learning to stay calm and composed.
  15. The Devil’s Workshop: An idle Bruno is a mischievous Bruno. Without his daily walks and play, he’d probably redesign our living room with his teeth.
  16. The Golden Rule: The unconditional love and loyalty Bruno gives is his practice of treating others (especially me) as he wants to be treated.

While it might seem whimsical to say that Bruno lives by Hill’s principles, observing him has taught me that determination, positivity, and love can truly shape one’s destiny, be it man or mutt.

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Author: petshaven42

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