What skill would you like to learn?

Hello lovely readers,

Bruno here, your favourite neighbourhood doggo. I’m back, and I’ve embarked on a new quest: mastering the leash walk.

The journey began when Ms. Lorna from three houses down mentioned a local trainer, Mr. Terrence. Known as the ‘Dog Whisperer of Maple Street’, he was famed for his miraculous ways with pups like me. Eager to learn, my human and I set an appointment.

On meeting Mr. Terrence, he advised, “Leash training isn’t just about the dog; it’s about the bond between the pup and its human.” Thus, both my human and I had lessons to grasp.

Our training started with basic commands: sit, stay, and heel. At first, the scents of freshly baked pies or a fellow pup’s calling card on the pavement would divert me. But with consistency, treats, and praises, I began to understand the essence of a focused walk.

One significant breakthrough was the ‘watch me’ command. Every time I’d get distracted, my human would gently say “watch me,” and I’d focus back on her. That simple command bridged a deeper connection between us.

Weeks went by, and our partnership blossomed. We practiced daily, rain or shine. Our once chaotic walks transformed into harmonious dances on the pavements. The bond we shared grew stronger with every stroll.

I’m proud to bark out that I’m now a more refined walker on the leash. Though occasional squirrel sightings might stir a little excitement, I’ve learned the joy of a calm, side-by-side walk with my human.

Thank you to all who shared their wisdom and tricks. I’m proof that an old (or young) dog can indeed learn new tricks!

Until next time, spread the paw-sitivity and give a dog you know a pat today.

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Author: petshaven42

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