Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Hello, friends! It’s me, Bruno, your friendly neighbourhood dog. I love to play, wag my tail, and go on fun trips. Today, I’ve got a special tale for you about how my family spends time without their screens.

In our cosy home, everyone loves their computers and phones. They write stories, watch videos, and chat with faraway friends. But there’s this one special day every week called the ‘sabbath day’. On this day, all the screens go off. The house becomes so quiet, like we’re all waiting for a big surprise.

These quiet days are the best because it’s adventure time! Just our family, setting out for a grand day out. And these aren’t the usual walks – they are big adventures into the unknown. Here’s something funny: mum often mixes up our paths. My brothers and sisters laugh, teasing her, “Mum, did we get lost again? You were sure about this route, weren’t you?”

These adventures can be tiring. By the end, our legs are weary, our tummies rumble with hunger, and we’re all quite thirsty. But there’s always a hero in our story! It’s my siblings’ dad. He might not live with us daily, but he has a knack for finding our lost troop. He arrives with a car full of yummy snacks and cool drinks, just in time.

What’s really funny is that, even with all the getting lost, we still eagerly wait for these adventure days. The camping trips top them all! Surrounded by trees, birds singing, and clear skies, we forget all about screens. Mum does try to click some photos, but she often forgets to pack extra batteries. So, we end up just laughing, chatting, and making up stories around a campfire. These are the times when we make the best memories, even if there aren’t many pictures to show for it.

For a dog like me, days without screens are the happiest. And deep down, I think my family loves these moments too, even if it’s just once a week.

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Until the next tale,

Bruno 🐾

Author: petshaven42

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