Tell us about a time when you felt out of place.

Hello everyone, Bruno here! I’m a rather jolly and friendly dog, but today, I wanted to share a story from a time when I felt a bit out of sorts.

It was a sunny day, and my mum decided to take me for a walk. But this wasn’t our usual jaunt around the park; we headed into the city centre. The moment we got there, I could sense it was different. Instead of the grassy knolls and open spaces, there were tall buildings, bustling crowds, and so many strange sounds and smells!

I remember seeing these large, shiny boxes on wheels – mum called them ‘cars’. They made loud noises, and there were so many of them, zipping around in all directions. I tried to chase a few (old habits die hard!) but was quickly pulled back.

Then, there was the time I saw another dog – or at least, I thought it was a dog. It was tiny, fitting into a lady’s handbag with its little head popping out. We couldn’t be the same species, could we? I felt like a giant next to it!

We passed by a place my mum referred to as a ‘café’. People sat outside, sipping on drinks, but what caught my attention was the aroma wafting out. I could smell bacon, but every time I tried to investigate, I was told, “No, Bruno!”

By the afternoon, I was utterly overwhelmed. I missed the park, my usual doggy pals, and the freedom to run around without so many restrictions. The city was a fascinating place, but I felt out of place, like a fish out of water.

Fortunately, the day ended with a visit to a park. I could run, fetch the ball and just be me again. It made me realise that while it’s fun to explore new places, there’s truly no place like home.

So, that’s my little tale. It’s good to step out of our comfort zones now and then, but it’s also nice to come back to what we know and love. Until next time, tail wags and woofs to all!

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Author: petshaven42

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