What’s something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail.

Hello, friends! I’m Bruno, a lively Shih Tzu from Britain. Today, I’ve got an unusual story that involves not a dog, not a cat, but a tortoise!

You’ve probably heard of the tale of the big wolf and the three pigs. Now, in my story, I’m like that curious wolf, and my challenge involves Rosie, the tortoise. She’s slow, calm, and quite the opposite of me! Our humans came up with a fun test: Can I, Bruno, stay in a room with Rosie without getting too curious and chasing her?

Let’s dive into our adventure:

First Room – Living Room: The first stop was the living room. Rosie was exploring at her tortoise pace, taking in every detail. My tail wagged seeing her move so slowly. I circled around her a few times, intrigued, but then decided to lay down and just watch.

Second Room – Kitchen: In the kitchen, Rosie was given some fresh lettuce to munch on. The crunchy sound made me perk up. I trotted over, sniffed, but didn’t understand the appeal. She ate, and I lay down, occasionally hoping for my treat.

Third Room – Bedroom: The last challenge was the bedroom. Rosie found a warm spot and decided to rest. I tiptoed in, not wanting to disturb her, and found a cozy corner for myself. We both enjoyed a quiet time, with guy Rosie in her shell and me with my eyes half-closed.

So, did I pass the challenge? I think I did pretty well! Rosie, in her slow and steady way, taught me a bit about patience.

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Take care, and wagging tails to you all! 🐾

(Note: Always ensure pets of different species are supervised when together to ensure safety.)

Author: petshaven42

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