If you had a million dollars to give away, who would you give it to?

Hello, chums!

It’s Bruno here, the jolly Shih Tzu from down the lane. Now, I’ve been pondering on a rather entertaining thought – what if I had a million dollars to give away?

A dog with money, hilarious isn’t it? Well, let me tell you whom I’d share my fortune with.

1. The Doggy Shelter: First off, I’d want to give a hefty sum to the local doggy shelter. It’s a place where my furry friends get a second shot at happiness. They’ve got some good lads and lasses there, looking for a loving home.

2. Biscuit Factory: Oh, I can’t ignore my love for biscuits! With some quid, I’d support a local biscuit maker, ensuring every pup in town gets their fair share of tasty treats. Imagine - biscuits raining down like a British drizzle!

3. Children’s Hospital: Us dogs, we love kids! They have an energy that matches ours, and their laughter is simply infectious. I’d love to donate to the children’s hospital nearby so those young’uns can have a brighter day, perhaps with some new toys or even a playground.

4. Green Spaces: The park is my playground, and I know many of my furry mates feel the same. I’d put some money into making our parks greener, cleaner, and just all-around lovelier for everyone to enjoy.

5. Old Mate Jim: Lastly, I can’t forget my old mate Jim, the street musician. His tunes always put a wag in my tail, and he gives me an extra biscuit every time I pass by. A little something for him would surely make his day brighter.

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Till next time, keep your tails wagging!

Bruno the Shih Tzu. 🐾

Author: petshaven42

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