Paw Warriors Ltd – Dog Care and Walking Consent Form

Please tick (✓) to give your consent or cross (✗) at the end of each statement if you do not consent or the statement does not apply.

I agree that if my dog seems hurt or sick, a Vet may check them, do tests like blood tests or x-rays, and follow the Vet’s advice for treatment. [   ]

I understand that my dog will usually see their regular vet. But if that’s not possible, they might see the Beehive Vets’ chosen vet. [   ]

I agree to let Beehive Vets give my dog any treatment the Vet says is needed. [   ]

I understand that I must pay for any vet visits, tests, and treatments. [   ]

I give permission for my dog to be put to sleep if the Vet thinks it’s the kindest option. [    ]

I understand that Paw Warriors Ltd will try hard to contact me or my local contact person to decide what’s best for my dog. They will keep me, or my contact person updated. [   ]

If my dog has fleas or worms, I agree that Paw Warriors Ltd can take them to the Vet for treatment and I will pay the vet bill. [   ]

I agree to let my dog mix with other dogs during their stay at Paw Warriors Ltd or while being walked. [   ]

I agree for my dog to eat with other dogs during daycare or walks. [   ]

I agree for my dog to be walked outside of the home or garden. [   ]

I agree for my dog to be off a lead outside of the home environment when deemed safe by the walker. [   ]

I agree for my dog to be off a lead in the garden of Paw Warriors Ltd. [   ]

I agree for my dog to be walked with a group of dogs from other households (no more than 6 dogs).

[    ]

I agree to the route and duration of walks as decided by Paw Warriors Ltd. [   ]

I understand that Paw Warriors Ltd will take all reasonable care to ensure my dog’s safety during walks but will not be liable for any loss, injury, or death of the dog. [    ]

Signature: _______________________     Date: _______________________