Introducing Paw Warriors: Pets Haven Limited – Your Dog’s Home Away from Home!

What is Dog Boarding?

At Paw Warriors: Pets Haven Limited, our dog boarding services offer your furry family member a heartwarming home away from home experience. For just £30 per overnight stay, it’s an affordable and snug retreat for your loyal companion when you’re away.

Why Paw Warriors for Your Dog’s Weekend Getaway?

Tailored Care: We understand that each dog is unique. Our experienced team provides personalised attention, ensuring your dog feels completely at home.

Social Pawsibilities: Your pet will enjoy mingling and playing with other friendly dogs in our secure and supervised play areas, creating new bonds and memories.

Playtime Galore: We believe in fun-filled days! Our home is equipped with toys and activities to keep your dog lively and joyful during their stay.

24/7 TLC: Our family is here day and night to give your dog the affection and care they need, guaranteeing a stay filled with love and cuddles.

No Goodbyes: With us, it’s never about loneliness. They’ll be part of a loving atmosphere, feeling like one of the family.

Stress-Free Adventures: As you enjoy your time away, be it a weekend jaunt or a business trip, rest easy knowing your dog is having a splendid time with us at Bruno & Lola Paw Warriors: Pets Haven Limited.

Give Your Dog the Ultimate Weekend Break!

Book your dog’s weekend stay at Bruno & Lola Paw Warriors: Pets Haven Limited today. Every dog deserves a special retreat!

Medical 🏥

If your dog is on medication prescribed by a veterinarian, we’ll diligently administer it at no extra charge.

Nevertheless, due to recent operational changes, we’re saddened to inform you that we can’t board dogs with certain pre-existing health issues like epilepsy, diabetes, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Addison’s disease, or Cushing’s disease. Our utmost concern is the health and safety of your beloved pet, ensuring peace of mind during your time away.

Feeding Procedure

At Paw Warriors, the health and happiness of our furry guests are of paramount importance. Here’s a detailed breakdown of our feeding routine:

Feeding Schedule:

Our dogs are fed twice daily. The first meal is given in the morning after their walk, around 8-9 AM, and the second meal is given in the evening after their walk, around 5-6 PM. This schedule aids in better digestion and keeps our dogs comfortable.

Communal Dining:

All dogs dine together, fostering a sense of community and friendship among them. They also engage in walks and play sessions together, further enhancing their social experience.

Owner-Supplied Food:

We request owners to provide the main food for their dogs to ensure consistency in their diet, which is crucial for their digestive health. While we provide treats and fresh water, the primary meal should come from home.

Hygienic Eating Environment:

We utilise durable metal bowls for feeding to ensure cleanliness and durability. After every meal, the bowls are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. Upon a dog’s departure, the bowls undergo a deep cleaning process.

Post-Meal Activity Break:

Engaging in vigorous activities immediately after a meal can be detrimental to a dog’s digestive system and may even pose serious health risks. Therefore, we ensure a resting period between mealtime and play sessions to keep our dogs healthy and safe.

We sincerely appreciate your trust in us to care for your dog. Our promise is to keep them joyful and secure during their stay.

For any further inquiries regarding our feeding procedures or other services, feel free to contact us at 07804472629.

Our Special Touch:

At Bruno & Lola Paw Warriors, our dedication to canine welfare is evident in every aspect of our care:

• Attentive to the subtle signs when a dog isn’t at their best.

• Providing skilled attention to our four-legged guests.

• In-depth knowledge of canine behavior.

• Spotless feeding areas, cozy bedding, and a pristine environment.

• Lovingly prepared, nutritious meals.

• Proactive health measures to avert illnesses.

• Immediate first aid available for all our furry visitors.

• Adherence to updated best practices in pet care.

Our Credentials:

• Level 3 Award in Dog Care, Behaviour & Welfare

• iPET Network Level 3 Dog Emergency First Aid

• iPET Network Level 3 Dog Walking and Pet Sitting for Professionals

All our qualifications are verified by Ofqual, ensuring we meet stringent standards.

Our Price:

Dog Overnight Stay Packages (24-hour care):

We warmly welcome dogs for boarding during UK national holidays and school vacations. To align with your plans, please refer to the Leeds City Council website for the official school term and holiday dates.

• Overnight Rate (For Everyone): £30/night

What’s Included:

• Two daily walks (morning and evening)

• Owner-approved treats

• Fun play with indoor toys

• Afternoon special: cooked sausage or chicken treats (unseasoned)

• Scheduled nap times

• Garden play sessions

• Regular potty breaks

• Comfortable individual crates for each dog, with sofa-sleeping options available

• Evening health checks for ears and paws

• Efficient waste management

• Daily updates with photos and videos for pet parents

• Bedding, toys, and towels provided

• Socializing with other dogs and our friendly resident cat, Lola

Rest assured, your dog will not be alone at night; our attentive staff will be there to provide any needed toilet breaks and ensure their comfort.

Family Discount for Overnight Stays:

• First dog: £30/night

• Second dog (from the same family): £15/night

Additional Overnight Packages:

• Weekend Dog Break (2 Nights): £60

• 7-Day Dog Holiday: £210

• 10-Day Dog Holiday: £300

• 14-Day Dog Holiday: £420

For bookings or further details, please reach out to us at or call on 07804 472629.